Friday, November 17, 2017

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Office Workers Don't Like Being Chained to Their Desks
Health Highlights: Nov. 17, 2017
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The Best and Worst Ways to Say 'I Love You'
CDC Wants America to Eat Its Fruits & Veggies
Many Hospice Workers Lack Their Own End-of-Life Directives
FDA Seeks to Speed Development of 'Regenerated' Organs for Medical Use
Breathing Dirty Air May Raise Miscarriage Risk
Kids Still Getting Risky Painkiller After Tonsillectomy
One Type of Diet Can Add Years to Your Life
Hospital Midwives, Lower C-Section Rates?
Face It: Drinking, Smoking Takes Toll on Looks
If Dad Has Depression, Kids Might Develop It, Too
Obamacare May Have Helped More Americans Quit Smoking
Preventing Sports Injuries
New Hemophilia Treatment Stems Bleeding Episodes
Health Highlights: Nov. 16, 2017
Health Tip: If There's a Wildfire Nearby
Health Tip: Talking With Your Child's Cancer-Care Team
Cardiac Arrest Rare in Young Athletes But Tough to Predict
U.S. Seniors Struggle More to Pay for Health Care Compared to Other Countries
'Fountain of Youth' Gene Discovered in Secluded Amish Community
Trauma Greets Many Illegal Immigrants in U.S.
Virtual Reality: A Helping Hand After Stroke
Don't Fret Delays in Treating Colon Cancer, Study Suggests
Could Your Cat Give You 'Bird Flu?'
Staying Active May Lower Odds for Glaucoma
Pricey ER Tests for Chest Pain Often Unnecessary
Top Anti-Opioid Meds Are Equally Safe, Effective
Why a Headache Feels So Draining
Diabetes May Be Driving High Rates of Breast Cancer in Black Women
U.S. May Still Benefit From Climate Accord
Study Untangles Disparity in Colon Cancer Survival Rates
Millions Could Miss Out on a Potential Alzheimer's Breakthrough
How to Do a Skin Cancer Body Check
Mepsevii Approved for Rare Enzyme Disorder
Health Highlights: Nov. 15, 2017
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Can Treating Gum Disease Keep Blood Pressure in Line?
Is Meth Use Destroying Vets' Hearts?
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With Stress and Trauma Come Excess Weight
Is Low-Dose Aspirin Right for You After Surgery?
Weighing Too Much or Too Little When Pregnant Can Be Risky
FDA OKs First 'Digital Pill' That Lets Doctors Know It's Been Taken
FDA Warns of Herb Kratom's Opioid-Like Harms
Psychedelic Amazonian Drug Might Ease Symptoms of Depression, Alcoholism
America's Love Affair With Sugary Sodas Is Fading
Is Too Much Time Online Raising Suicide Risk in Teen Girls?
Swings in Blood Pressure Can Pose Long-Term Dangers
Try This Diet to Lower Your Risk of Heart Failure
Help for Seasonal Depression
'Digital Pill' Tells Doctor When Patient Takes It
Health Highlights: Nov. 14, 2017
Health Tip: Spread Awareness of the Opioid Epidemic
Health Tip: Stay Safe as a Pedestrian
Definition of High Blood Pressure Drops
Motor On, Heart Patients: Electric Cars Don't Harm Cardiac Implants
Uninsured Heart Patients Often Face Daunting Bills
Middle-Aged and Impaired? More Common Than You Might Think
Take Heart, Coffee Lovers! Morning Joe May Help Your Ticker
Commitment Is Key for Online Quit-Smoking Groups
Younger People With Diabetes Have 7 Times Greater Risk of Sudden Heart Death
Want to Prevent Heart Disease? Go Nuts!
Prolonged Breast-Feeding May Guard Against Teen Eczema
Knowing Too Much About Your Genes Might Be Risky
Lunchtime H2O May Be Key to Curbing Kids' Obesity
Holiday Parties Minus the Calorie Crunch
Health Highlights: Nov. 13, 2017
Health Tip: Participating in a Clinical Trial
Health Tip: Cook Your Turkey Safely
Binge-Watchers, Beware: All That TV Time Poses Clot Risk
Healthier Diet, Less Salt: The Recipe to Beat High Blood Pressure
Does Sex Really Trigger Cardiac Arrest?
Many Women Miss Out on Lifesaving CPR
Music, Video Help Sixth-Graders Master Hands-Only CPR
Sleep Apnea May Boost Alzheimer's Risk
Putting Out the Welcome Mat for Household Bugs
The Heart Risks of a Desk Job
Obesity to Blame for Epidemic of Knee Dislocations, Complications
Health Highlights: Nov. 10, 2017
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Does Your Pet Have a Weight Problem? Here's How to Tell
Smog May Harm Your Bones, Too
Could Fish Oil, Vitamin D Help Ease Lupus?
Know the Signs of Ovarian Cancer and Your Risks
Switching to Whole Grain Foods Could Trim Your Waistline
1 in 5 Americans Still Uses Tobacco, Gov't. Reports
Low-Fat Diet May Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk for Overweight Older Women
Childhood Spanking Could Heighten Adult Mental Health Woes
Menus With Calorie Counts Seem to Be Paying Off
Doctors Prescribing Too Many Opioids After Nose Jobs
HPV Vaccine Linked to Drop in Cases of Rare Childhood Disease
'Old' Lungs May Be Good Transplant Options
Low-Fat Diet, Low-Carb Diet -- or 'Low Both'?
Health Highlights: Nov. 9, 2017
Health Tip: What's Healthy Blood Pressure?
Health Tip: Accept Help if Your Child Has Cancer
A Dangerous New Twist on Cyberbullying
Risk of Breast Cancer's Return Can Linger for Decades
Surgical Residents Prime Candidates for Stress, Depression, Alcohol Abuse
An Aging Heart May Weaken Memory
Will This Year's Flu Shot Be as Weak as Last Season's?
Your Friends May Be Key to a Healthy Aging Brain
Daytime Wounds May Heal Faster Than Nighttime Ones
Brain Beats Brawn in Quest for Energy
Some Guys Can't Stay Away From Tanning Beds
Genes May Explain Why Some Don't Respond to Bipolar Drug
What Really Works to Fight a Stubborn Cough?
These Foods May Help Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
5 Smart Alternatives to Processed Foods
Do I Know Ewe?
Health Highlights: Nov. 8, 2017
Health Tip: Choosing Smarter Foods
Health Tip: Prevent Germs at the Doctor's Office
IUD May Lower Cervical Cancer Risk
West Nile's Long-Term Bite: Impact on Brain May Last Years
Early Humans Grew Taller Long Before Bulking Up
Waiting Even a Month to Remove Melanoma Can Be Deadly
Getting Self-Driving Cars on the Road Soon Might Save Lives
It's 'Buyer Beware' When Purchasing Medical Pot Extract Online
Even Light Drinking May Raise Your Cancer Risk
Opioids Not the Only Answer for Pain Relief in the ER
Yoga May Give Lung Cancer Patients, Caregivers a Boost
Divers May Be Plunging Into Trouble
Higher Prices Are Driving Rise in Health Care Spending
Here's Why You 'Space Out' After Too Little Sleep
Does All That Social Media Time Harm Young Minds?
Cooling Down Sibling Rivalries When They Heat Up
Health Highlights: Nov. 7, 2017
Health Tip: Defining Health Literacy
Health Tip: Travel With a Blanket
Abusing Pot, Booze Lowers Teens' Chances for Success in Life
Gun Injuries Getting More Severe, Experts Say
Helping Children Cope When a Mass Tragedy Strikes
Human vs. Animal Brainpower: More Alike Than You Might Think
Could a Common Blood Thinner Lower Cancer Risk?
Older Women Can 'Walk Away From the Grim Reaper'
'Good Ole Days' Were Better for Kids' Health, Adults Say
Why Many Breast Cancer Patients Short-Circuit Their Treatment
With Cigarettes Out of Favor, Many U.S. Teens Also Shun Pot
Doctor Burnout: A Big Health Threat in U.S.
How Safe Are Your Drinking Glasses?
TV Ads Still Push Unhealthy Foods at Kids
5 Diet Minefields to Avoid
Zelboraf Approved for Rare Blood Cancer
Health Highlights: Nov. 6, 2017
Health Tip: Deciphering Cosmetic Labels
Health Tip: Stop Smoking
Eat Well, Age Well
Common Heartburn Meds Show Ties to Kidney Trouble
Are Stents Really Useless After Chest Pain? Cardiologists Not Sure
About Half of Americans Get Health Care in ER
Social Media Can Help Boost Weight Loss Success
Cord Blood Therapy for Cerebral Palsy Shows Promise
Coffee May Be Kind to Your Kidneys
People Tend to Overestimate Pain From Surgery
New Finding Hints at Clue to Dementia
Call a Snack a Meal, and You're Less Apt to Overeat
What Drives Teen School Shooters
Nursing Home Often Only Option for Single Men After Stroke
Ready for the Time Change on Sunday?
Working With Your School Nurse
Health Highlights: Nov. 3, 2017
Health Tip: Supporting Breast-feeding Moms on the Job
Health Tip: Get to Know Your Pharmacist
Are Artery-Opening Stents for Chest Pain a Waste of Time?
What Food Gets People's Attention? Junk Food, by Far
Patients' Gut Bugs May Play Role in Cancer Care
Kidney Failure Declining Among U.S. Diabetics: CDC
Are You Sure That's What the Doctor Said About Your Leukemia?
What Exercise Regimen Is Best for Healthy Weight Loss in Seniors?
Sugary Drinks Could Break Your Heart
Treeless Tropics, More Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes?
Fiber-Rich Diet Boosts Survival From Colon Cancer
Can You Trust the Labels on Your Supplements?
Robots May Be Cleaning Your Hospital Room Soon
Even Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Gain From Exercise
Resilient Brain Connections May Help Against Alzheimer's
Climate Change May Bring 'Browner' Waters, More Disease
Managing Anxiety
Health Highlights: Nov. 2, 2017
Health Tip: Handle Chicken With Care
Health Tip: Fluoride Recommended For Young Children